Vernee Mars Pro: An Affordable 6GB RAM OnePlus 3T Killer?

Chinese phone manufacturer Vernee have recently released their flagship phone for 2017, we’re talking about the Vernee Mars Pro. The handset features top notch design and build quality with a matte black metal body and thin size bezels, it also comes with a whopping 6GB of RAM.
Vernee Mars Pro
Going into more details we find out the Vernee Mars Pro is the results of month of R&D on how to create a phone with a ultra narrow bezels, indeed they are only 1mm thin. This design choice also makes the phone look premium even when the screen is turned off.
Vernee Mars Pro
Vernee let us know the color of the Mars Pro has been inspired by obsidian, in fact, looking at the phone we see a really deep black coloration has been coated on the whole body. Since we’re talking about the body it’s interesting to discover that it’s been created using 6 series aluminum and went through 18 CNC cutting and sandblasting processes. Vernee also say the back of the phone feels like paper in the hands and as such it’s easier to hold firmly.Vernee Mars Pro
The Vernee Mars Pro has been created from scratch for 8 times to then go through 13 fine adjustments for the internal structure, that allowed the company to make the device just 7.6mm thick. All of this while still packing a good sized 3500mAh capacity battery, a MediaTek Helio P25 processor clocked at 2.5Ghz, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. To keep a cleaner overall look, Vernee also placed the fingerprint scanner on the right side of phone, making the Vernee Mars Pro perhaps one of the best looking mid-range phones with 6GB of RAM.
Vernee Mars Pro
The Vernee Mars Pro is currently on presale for just $179.99 over at Gearbest until July 10th. Note that there’ll be only 50 pieces available every day at that price. If you aren’t sure about buying one, then enter the giveaway on their official website to win one the 100 Vernee Mars Pro they’re giving away to reviewers until July 9th.