Samsung Officially Launches the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition in Korea

Samsung Officially Launches the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition in Korea
Many Samsung die-hards would claim that the Galaxy Note 7 was one of the best devices of its year. Despite Samsung recalling the device over incidents of exploding batteries, many customers still held onto the device and refused to part ways. Samsung eventually had to push out several updates to kill off charging and telephony, but consumers still persisted on by disabling updates to the device.
If you separate the Note 7 from its battery and explosion issues, it was indeed a remarkable phone. Samsung also had to face the monumental task of “disposing” off all unused Note 7’s components, which would be a nightmare for the environment as well as their balance sheet. But, of course, there are smarter solutions than disposal…
To kill two birds with one stone, Samsung has relaunched the Galaxy Note 7 as the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition. This launch is currently limited to South Korea and that too, for 400,000 units only. Samsung will decide whether to sell the Note 7 Fan Edition in other international markets later on.
With the rebranding, two important aspects of the device have been changed. First, the battery capacity has been decreased to 3,200 mAh, from the 3,500 battery originally found on the Note 7. The new battery has reportedly been subjected to the same rigorous 8-point battery safety test that Samsung began with the Galaxy S8.
Second, the ‘new’ Note 7 Fan Edition has also received a software upgrade. The device now features the same software that came on the new Galaxy S8 and S8+, complete with Bixby.
The Galaxy Note 7 FE is priced at 699,600 KRW, which roughly converts into $609. If Samsung chooses to relaunch the device in other markets, the pricing would change accordingly. With the limited launch, Samsung may be testing how the public reacts to the branding after the recall. A confidence check on the branding is a good idea before the Note 8 arrives.
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